Audio PEC  (Mod)

Audio PEC (Mod)

Description of Audio PEC (MOD unlimited money) for android

Audio PEC (Mod) DOWNLOAD = com.desac.audiopec

Audio PEC is the first application with Digital Room Correction (DRC) and in combination with a unique 80-band equalizer, this application provides precise equalization by measuring room/car acoustics.

DRC ideally compensates (realistically reduces) room impact on the sound coming out of the speaker, thus ensuring that the speaker sounds (almost) the same in every room (provided that there are no acoustic problems such as echoes or dead spots).
The Hi-Fi audience is divided when it comes to DRC, and the main reason for this is sound distortion, which is the result of sloppy phase manipulation due to decorrelation. This application does not have this problem, as the correction is not done by decorrelation, but by energy equalization in defined bands, with the phase remaining unchanged.
Equalization is done with one of the app’s equalizers. Of course, the 80-band equalizer is the most precise and recommended equalizer for the DRC. This innovative equalizer is based on gammatone filters, which are often used to simulate human hearing. The resolution/accuracy of human hearing varies greatly from person to person, but this high-precision equalizer will satisfy every ear.

This app is not designed to play music through your phone’s speaker, as there is not much you can do to make a song sound good from such a tiny speaker. Instead, connect your phone to a car radio, AV receiver or Bluetooth speaker, take a DRC measurement (to determine EQ values), play your music and enjoy a colorful sound.

The DRC measurement is a lite version of the room acoustics measurement and its results depend heavily on the equipment used. Today there are several good and affordable condenser microphones for smartphones like the Dayton Audio iMM-6 used in this app development.
However, if you decide to take a DRC measurement with your phone’s microphone, it is likely that the DRC quality will be reduced. In addition, due to the spectrum of the human voice, the phone’s microphones are usually most sensitive to frequencies in the range of 300 Hz to 1000 Hz, which can result in increased attenuation of the equalizer in this range. If this is the case, you can adjust the equalizer manually.

Download the app and enjoy a free 14-day trial period. Take the time to try and experiment with everything that Audio PEC has to offer. You will not be charged at the end of the trial period. However, you must purchase a license to continue using the equalizer and DRC functions.

• Simple and elegant player design
• Intuitive playlist options
• Internet radio streaming
• Innovative equalizer designs from 5 up to 80 bands
• First app with digital room correction feature

Android 7.0 (Nougat) or over

1) Due to the huge amount of calculations that are performed in real time, some (older) phones do not have enough processing power to perform this type of task, resulting in a disturbed output signal.
To help your phone turn off other apps while using this one.
2) Default sound volume is reduced by 6dB to leave some room for the necessary corrections. If you like, you can change this by setting equalizer values to 6dB.
3) Due to increased processing, this app consumes the battery faster than ‘normal’ audio application.
Stability improvements

MOD Information of Audio PEC

App Name Audio PEC
Package Name com.desac.audiopec
Rating ( 51 )
Installs 5,000+

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