Description of HELLO BT21 (MOD unlimited money) for android

HELLO BT21 1.3.0 (Mod) DOWNLOAD = com.kakaogames.hellobt21

๐ŸงจBoom-! DYNAMITE the bubbles with BT21!

BT21’s Operation – Popomon Mega Clean Up!
The BT21 members have been trying their utmost best to achieve Universtardom!
But one unlucky day, a bunch of interfering, no-good dandelions, Popomons, showed up out of nowhere and thwarted their efforts!
Are the BT21 members going to be able to clean up the Town properly after their good work was messed up by the Popomons and make their debut as Universtars?

– There are different stages in the game with a variety of challenge obstacles including Milk, Boxes, Ice, and Slimes which all add to the overall fun and excitement of play!
– Ultra easy to play! Playable one-handed, with the ability to fling bubbles at a touch is super refreshing!
– The endearing BT21 characters have special skills of their own that will help you clear each stage and progress through the game!

[Story Missions]
– Clear stages and collect the sought-after Story Keys!
– Clear the Story Missions with the Story Keys you’ve collected and then get cracking on cleaning up the Town!
– Clear all the Story Missions for each Chapter and you’ll be the lucky recipient of some awesome gifts!

– Find and tap a chatty friend from the forest LEAF in Town to get a special BT21 illustration!
– Clear Story Missions and then create your own wonderful Town!

– Throw bubbles and line up 3 of the same type to pop them! It’s that easy!
– Match at least 4 of them to make potent explosives bubbles that match that type of bubble! Blast away for even more fun!
– If you’re able to successfully complete your mission by the time you run out of bubbles, you’ll have cleared that stage and then be ready to move onto the next one!
– Use lots of explosive bubbles and your Rainbow Ball gauge will soon fill up to the top and, once it’s full, you’ll be able to make a spectacular Rainbow Ball that uses its power to let you destroy all the bubbles of a type of your choice in one fell swoop!
– If you can make lots of Rainbow Balls, then victory is virtually guaranteed to be yours! Aim well with your bubbles to create the potent explosive bubbles and go for those powerful Rainbow Balls! Rainbow Balls ramp up the excitement to the max!

BT21 is a beloved group of cutesy characters much adored around the world that were originally created from the LINE FRIENDS! Their LINE stickers are also a massive hit!
Each of the 8 cutesy characters of KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA, COOKY, VAN have their own distinctive characters and personality traits. When they all get together, they form the amazing BT21!

– Anyone who loves BT21!
– People who enjoy being excited by fantastic puzzle games!
– People who enjoy playing stimulating LINE games!
– People who enjoy honing their skills in shooting puzzle games!
– People who are searching for engaging puzzle games that you can keep playing for free!
– People who want to use their spare time with a fun and easy-to-play puzzle that they’ll love!
– People who like games that have a townscape, packed with houses, gardens, etc. that you can build, maintain and personalize to make them your very own!
– People who want to play a simple and easy-to-play shooting puzzle game!

Enjoy Hello BT21 together with your family and friends!

[Required Permission infomation]
The above two are required for resource download.
If not allowed, the app will not be able to read/write the information required to play the game.

Language : English, Korean
[Update information]
New event
New booster item
New disturbing gimmick
Bug fixes

MOD Information of HELLO BT21

App Name HELLO BT21
Package Name com.kakaogames.hellobt21
Version 1.3.0
Rating ( 4241 )
Size 141.0 MB
Requirement Android 5.0+
Updated 2021-02-09
Installs 100,000+
Category Games, Puzzle

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